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Braided HTP Fishing line

Paracord UK are now in a position to supply fishing line

Braided HTP Fishing Line

Braid Fishing Line is a good option for lure, boat and shore angling. With virtually no stretch it gives good casting performance and excellent sensitivity for spotting bites with the highest tech machinery and top of the line materials.

The lines low stretch design gives it increased sensitivity and quick response on strikes as well as control when fishing around obstacles and debris. This line sinks making it perfect for fishing around boat traffic, limb lining, and trotlines. Proudly made in the USA.

Check out our fishing line from our preferred supplier Atw00d. This line has been introduced to compliment our two smaller cord being the Micro cord and the Nano.

  • Smaller and stronger
  • Low stretch & High strength
  • Abrasion, UV, and deterioration resistant
  • Smooth round braid
  • Line sinks (negative buoyancy)
  • 100% HT Polyester
  • Made in the USA


80Lbs: 1.10mm / 0.0430in

60Lbs: 0.75mm / 0.0290in

50Lbs: 0.70mm / 0.0275in

30Lbs: 0.62mm / 0.0245in