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Atwood Micro Cord spools


38m of 1.2mm Microcord is the ideal cord for adding details to your projects or making them stand out, perfect for weaving in between paracord bracelets to add extra colour or use as whipping for dog leads.

Micro Cord Various Lengths

Atwood Micro cord Various Lengths This is not a Chinese Paracord but a USA Atwood Micro cord in various lengths. You can choose the cord lengths; if it is over 100m, please email us to offer a quote. Micro Cord is a practical tool for various purposes. Atwood Micro Cord is, in fact, paracord, but without the strands in the middle. So, only the braided casing. What remains is a powerful piece of rope with a tractive force of approximately 80 - 90 pounds (36 - 40 kg) and a diameter of only 1.12 mm.

UK Supplier Micro Cord Bundles

UK Based Seller, This is not Chinese Paracord, we source our Microcord from Atwood in the US This is not