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How Much Paracord Do I Need for Survival

How Much Paracord Do I Need for Survival

Paracord, short for parachute cord, has become an essential tool for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and preppers alike. Its versatility and strength make it an invaluable resource in various emergency situations. However, the question remains: How much paracord do you actually need for survival?

The Basics of Paracord

Before diving into the quantity needed, let’s understand the basics. Genuine 550 paracord, the most common type, consists of a nylon outer sheath with seven inner strands. Each of these inner strands can be separated and used individually for various tasks, greatly enhancing the cord’s utility.

Consider Your Activities

The amount of paracord you need depends on the specific activities you plan to undertake. For basic survival needs, a rule of thumb is to carry at least 10 feet of paracord for every day you expect to spend in the wilderness. This accounts for essential tasks like shelter building, gear repair, and first aid.

Building Shelter

If you’re venturing into the wilderness, shelter is a top priority. A makeshift tarp or tent can be fashioned using paracord. Depending on your shelter design, you may need anywhere from 50 to 100 feet of paracord. The more complex the shelter, the more cordage you’ll require.

Gear Repair and Lashing

Paracord is excellent for repairing or improvising gear. A simple gear repair may only require a few feet, but if you’re lashing items together or creating makeshift tools, you could easily use 20 to 30 feet.

First Aid and Other Uses

Paracord can serve as an improvised tourniquet, sling, or even a makeshift belt. These uses may require 5 to 10 feet, depending on the situation.

Multiple Strands for Redundancy

Consider that you might need more than one length of paracord. Having a longer piece for shelter and shorter ones for various tasks provides redundancy in case one section is lost or damaged.