1. Section 1:
    • “Paracord is a multi-purpose rope available in various sizes”
  2. Section 2:
    • “The Paracord supplied by us is genuine top quality cord we do NOT stock cheap imported Paracord products manufactured from inferior materials such as polyester or polypropylene. The cord we stock is made from 100% nylon, not only is it manufactured to last but actually undergoes strict testing to make sure it reaches the expectations that we have for any cord supplied to our customers.”
  3. Section 3 (Paracord Type I):
    • “The third thinnest cord that is produced and the thinnest that carries the “Paracord name” sitting above Micro Cord which is 1.18mm and Nano Cord which is .75mm in diameter. Type 1 has a tensile strength of 95LBs which is 43KG strangely a little less than Micro Cord which is rated at 100LBs / 46KG.”
  4. Section 3 (Paracord Type II):
    • “We offer one of if not the largest selections of 425 paracord in the UK. All of our cord is genuine USA manufactured and to that of the highest quality. Type II Paracord has a tensile strength of 425LBs or 192KGs manufactured with 3 inner core threads and a sleeve made with 16 strands, fully machine washable at 30c (we do recommend a test piece to be washed first as some dyes may bleed slightly).”
  5. Section 3 (Paracord Type IV):
    • “Paracord UK’s 750 Paracord is often considered to be the preferred choice of Paracord for Bushcraft and Survival. Its similar to 550 Paracord in terms of appearance, but it has a much higher breaking strain (minimum 750lbs) and boasts 11 inner braids, instead of the usual 7 found in 550. The Diameter is marginally thicker at 5mm and the entire cord is made from 100% Nylon. Paracord UK’s 750 is American made. 750 Paracord may be used for bracelets, or the usual outdoor and bushcraft tasks its just a little more versatile and much stronger than any type of 550.”
  6. Section 4 (Color Options):
    • “We have a comprehensive range of colours in various lengths and specifications. Visit our online shop for the latest colour options.”